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Welcome to my Family pages.

Cemeteries of west Quebec and Upper Gatineau

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Wilfrid Charron, Denise Charron and myself  have been photographing cemeteries of the Upper Gatineau region over the last few years. The names and dates from the headstones have been put into an Access Databse and the output converted to PDF files. As you can see in the list below, only a few have been transferred to Access so far. More will be added as they are completed.

You may request pictures, using the picture ID#,  free of charge by contacting me.

A special thanks to Juan H. Northcross over at for providing me his time and expertise on creating an Access Database for me which I now use to store all the information found below. (Local computer only since Tripod does not support a database.).

Excellent  place for all your Database needs!

The links below will take you to PDF files. You will need the Adobe® Reader® to view these files.  Please be patient while the pages load, as some are quite large.

Anger  (109kb) Aylwin- St. Andrews United (54kb)
Buckingham- St. Stephens Anglican (72kb) Buckingham - Baptiste Evangelique De La Lievre (59kb)
Buckingham Catholic Buckingham - Pioneer cemetery  (55 kb)
Buckingham - St. Andrews United (81kb)  
Cantley Cheneville
Farrelton-St. Camillus (90kb) Gatineau - Dunning cemetery (61kb)
Gatineau Gracefield- La Visitation (126kb)
Hull - St. Redempteur Lochaber
Lochaber Ouest - Baptiste Lochaber Ouest - United
Maniwaki (267kb) Masson
Mayo - St.Malachy (67kb) Montcerf (90kb)
Montebello Montpellier
Notre Dame de la Salette Notre Dame de Laus
Papineauville Perkins (82kb)
Plaisance Pointe Gatineau
Poltimore - Anglican Poltimore - Catholic
Poltimore - Lutheran Pontmain
Ripon St. Alexandre
St. Andre Avelin St. Pierre de Wakefield
St. Rose de Lima St. Sixte
Ste. Famille d'Aumond (66kb) Thurso
Thurso - Baptiste Thurso - United
Val des Bois  

Silver Creek   The Centre of the World

This book is based on the author's observations and recollections as a youngster growing up in a small community in the Ottawa Valley in the late 1930's and 1940's. It mirrors a bygone way of life of some of our ancestors. The reader is trasported back to a "horse and buggy" era. Few outside influences affected the peoples' traditional way of making a living. They had a healthy respect for the natural environment with which it was necessary to coexist in close harmony. Hard work and values like generosity and cooperation were prized and considered essential.
--Back Cover

A 142 page book about a small community between Buckingham and Thurso, south of Mayo, Quebec. Full of facts and stories by Willard Vandine Smith []

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